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Cosmetic Dentistry: Tips For Patients in Fresno, CA
14.03.2017 13:02

It's not easy to find a good cosmetic dentist in your area. Our dental office in Fresno, CA is dedicated to helping you get the best treatment.

Your smile says a good deal about you as a person. When you are first introduced to someone you have not met before, they will notice what type of smile you have. If your teeth are unattractive, you can be certain that they will notice that as well.

You do not have to feel embarrassed over your smile when there are a number of cosmetic treatments that are available through our experienced dentist that will correct flaws in the teeth.

Porcelain veneers are a treatment that can greatly enhance your smile and cover a variety of imperfections, including irregular spacing between teeth, badly formed teeth, chipping, wear and discolorations. Veneers are durable, look natural and will last for years.

Dental bonding is another cosmetic treatment that can improve the appearance of your smile. Bonding is a technique that our dentist will use to build up teeth that have been damaged and also to fill out spacing problems between teeth.

Even a basic tooth bleaching procedure performed by our cosmetic dentist can transform your smile and greatly enhance your appearance.

Another cosmetic treatment that will enhance your smile is the use of white fillings for cavities. A white filling will restore the tooth after decay has been removed, and it will also blend with the coloration of your tooth so as to look perfectly natural. This type of filling works especially well for cavities that may occur in front teeth.

If a damaged tooth needs to be strengthened and preserved after repairs have been made, our cosmetic dentist will use a porcelain crown for that purpose. Crowns are a good restorative treatment, but they work very well cosmetically also. A crown will last for a number of years and will look as natural as the original tooth.

Missing teeth are also very unattractive and require treatment. It can become a serious problem, not just in appearance but in other ways as well. When you have a missing tooth, the gum is more susceptible to infection and injury. The teeth in the area of the missing tooth will have a tendency to start shifting. And eating and speaking can be troublesome, depending on where the missing tooth is located.

Cosmetic dentistry in Fresno, CA can provide dental devices for the replacement of teeth that are missing. If you are missing one solitary tooth, a dental implant can act as a good substitute. Our dentist will anchor the implant into your gum, and the prosthetic crown that is attached will effectively replace the tooth. Your implant will be very secure and will not loosen. You will have a natural-looking replacement for your tooth that no one will know is an implant.

When you are missing several teeth, a partial fixed bridge is usually the dental device of choice for replacement. The teeth on either side of your missing teeth will have crowns applied to them. These crowns are anchors for the bridge, which will hold your replacement teeth. You will take care of your dental device, whether it is an implant or a bridge, the same way you would take care of your natural teeth.

Missing teeth can be really embarrassing, but our restorative dentist has devices that can replace them and you will have teeth that look completely natural. If you have a dental situation where you have lost or will lose all of your teeth, our dentist will take molds of your mouth and will fit you with full dentures that will replace all of your teeth. Dentures look very natural and will enable you to eat, chew and speak in comfort.

If you require the restoration or replacement of any teeth, our restorative dentist can give you the appropriate treatment for your situation that will also restore your smile. If you are missing any teeth, you can contact our office and we will thoroughly explain for you the different options for replacing them. Our dentist has treatments that can eliminate any imperfection with your teeth and give you a total smile makeover.



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